Hair That Goes With Everything

I'm a 90's kid--- I grew up wearing elephant jeans, flannel shirts, chokers, and hair braids.

 Fashion has a way of repeating itself. Here we are in the 21st Century and everyone seems to be dressing like they're still in the 90's. Although I wouldn't be caught dead wearing elephant pants, I do want to bring back the braids. It's a fun hairstyle that you can wear everywhere- even to work!

I work as an Event Specialist for Rustan's Commerical Corporation. We're all girls in our team so before every event, we get ready together. Last week, I asked my officemate to braid my hair. I just followed Off The Pages's hair tutorial here. Before styling my hair, I made sure my scalp was squeaky clean by not having any dandruff/flakes. My secret? The New Head & Shoulders with 3-Action-Scalp Care. It cleanses, protects and moisturizes my scalp because its micro zinc particles are 8x smaller which makes it penetrate deeper. Great hair starts from a healthy scalp! The skin on our head is the same as the skin on our body. So take care of your scalp just the same way take care of your skin.

I made sure to do my research before using the product on my hair. I've never had dandruff and I'd like to think it's because of my extensive researching skills. You can just imagine how long I take in the grocery. I google the brand and the product before buying because I go by the motto, remember prevention is better than cure! 

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  1. Hi Kally, it's been a while since I've visited this page and my, has it changed! Great hairstyle, tres chic!

    1. Hi Maita,

      Thanks for dropping by my page. We never got to do that collab. Hopefully soon! :)