Disney's Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange comes out in theatres tomorrow October 26, 2016.

Last night, I was able to score tickets to the sneak preview of Doctor Strange at SMX, Mall of Asia. I have always been more of a Marvel fan than the DC Comics so I was really excited. I heard it got a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and now I understand why. Let me first introduce you to the four main characters to get you excited for the premiere on Wednesday!

The Characters

Doctor Strange is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. (He also plays Sherlock Holmes in the series Sherlock!) Strange grew up wanting to be the best because he thought that any less would make him a failure. He only believed in things that could be explained by science. 


The Ancient One is the Sorcerer Supreme brought on earth to protect the sanctums. She on the other hand believed in a world much bigger than science but in order to enter that world, one must keep an open mind. 

Baron Mordo is the Ancient One's apprentice. He believes that everything must be done for good. He follows all the rules strictly.


Kaecilius was a follower of the Ancient One. However, he was consumed by greed and power. He decided it was better to go on his own than to follow a master.  

The Summary
Doctor Stephen Strange's life takes an unexpected turn when he gets into a car accident leaving both his hands severely injured. He tries find a way to heal himself through medical research and experiments but fails. Desperate, broke, and angry, Strange travels to Kathmandu in search for a great healer. Little did he know that this healer did not use science but channeled energy for power. Strange was in shock and disbelief that everything he once knew was a lie. He struggled letting go but he knew the only way for him to be healed was by opening his mind to the world of possibilities.

This, by far, is the best movie this 2016! For more details, visit this website here.

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