The Biggest Cosmetic Festival

Find out how to get an invite to the biggest cosmetic festival.

Do you love make up? Do you love to play games? Do you love to have fun? If your answer is yes to all those questions then you're definitely who we want to see at Beauty Addict!

This September 15, Rustan's is throwing a huge party to praise YOU. We are all beautiful both inside and out but with the help of a few beauty products, we feel even more beautiful. It's not about being superficial or vain. In reality, it's so much more than it. It's about bringing out your confidence and empowering yourself.

Every time I'm feeling down, I just spray on my favorite perfume, fix my hair, and apply on make up and it instantly lifts my mood. It's true that when you look good, you feel good. Lets drink to that this coming Thursday!

         Join us by signing up here

No celebration is complete without a bottle of Moet champagne

I'm definitely wearing my new scent from of Hierbas de Ibiza to Beauty Addict

See you there!

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