The Off Shoulder Dress at Masada

The off shoulder trend that never dies.

The obsession with the off shoulder has proven that it is here to stay. Women just love to show off their collar bones and I don't blame them! It used to be such a boho style but now everyone's been rocking it in different ways. I wore my off shoulder dress with a scarf and hat but feel free to accessorize any way you want to. Another suggestion would be to throw on a denim jacket over or wear a white t-shirt under. It is so easy to dress up which makes it perfect for travelling. I made sure to pack a lot of off shoulder pieces with me during my trip to the Middle East. Here I am in the middle of Masada (Read about the place here) posing in my favorite off shoulder dress from Pink Manila.

P.S. For those of you who love wearing off shoulder tops like I do but hate that the sleeves roll up everytime you move, watch this video to see a hack I just learned. It changed my life!

Pink Manila Dress
Muy Bien Bonita Sandals
H&M Hat
Topshop Scarf

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