Beauty Finds in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo isn't just a fashion capital, it's also make up heaven for beauty junkies.

I've been fixated on all things beauty lately. I don't know if it's because I work in the Cosmetics industry or it's just the girly girl in me. My vanity desk is now filled with so many products that I've lost count but that isn't stopping me from buying more. A number of many of my friends have already told me that Tokyo is one of the best places to shop for make up. There are more choices and it's a lot cheaper too. So before our trip, I researched about their brands and read reviews to know which products to be on the look out for. It's a good thing I did that because when I went shopping, there were way more brands than I expected. I was so overwhelmed but since I knew what I was looking for,  it made things a whole lot easier. I would just ask the saleslady if they had the item and if they didn't, I moved on to the next store. Don't worry, there are hundreds of stores. You're bound to find it eventually if you still have the energy that is. I tried my best not to get side tracked and keep my eyes on the prize--- the beauty products. I successfully found most of what I was look for!

Here are some of the beauty finds I scored: 

1. K Palette Real Lasting Liquid Eyeliner and Eye Pencil (see photo above)

K Palette is popular in Manila already. You can find it in the Rustan's Department Store or Beauty Bar. However, it's around P79 pesos there. In Tokyo, it's only 1100 yen or P550 pesos. I've been using their products for over a year now. I love it because when they say it's real lasting, they mean it. It's known for its longetivity. It can last you the whole day without reapplying. It's also not harsh. My problem is I have watery eyes and sometimes when my eyes tear, my eyeliner smudges and the liquid goes inside my eye--- making my eyes tear even more from the pain. This never happens to me when I use K Palette compared to other brands. (Luxury brands even!)

2. LuLuLun Facial Masks

Once a week, usually ever Saturday, I put on a facial mask at home. It always relaxes me after a long week. I'm not that particular about what facial mask to use. I usually don't mind buying just the ones I see in Watsons or Face Shop but while doing my research, I found out that Lululemon was an award winning facial mask. I wanted to try it out myself. There are two colors--- Purple or Pink. Purple is for Moisture Retention and pink is for Brightening. My skin's been pretty dull lately so I thought brightening would work better for me. I've been seeing great results. (I'll blog about that one of these days!)

3. Kate Concealer and Foundation

Kate is Kanebo's more affordable line. They have everything from eyeshadow, mascara, nail polish, and their very own make up remover. I picked their foundation because I was so fascinated that it turns from liquid to powder in just 15 seconds. Their products range from 800 to 2000 yen only.

3. Bifiesta Make Up Remover

There aren't a lot of good make up removers available in Manila so I made sure to look for one in Tokyo. Bifiesta had a tag that says "Best Make Up Remover" in the store that I went to so I picked it up right away. It came real cheap too. It only cost 700 yen or P350.

5. Calypso's Magic Concealer

I have no idea what they put in this Magic Concealer because it really is AMAZING. When my Aunt went to Japan early this year, she gave me a tube of magic concealer. It was so easy to use. I didn't need to put any more my color corrector under because with just one layer, my dark eye bags were already lightened. However, I finished the tube right away. I needed a refill! When I went to Tokyo, I kept looking for it but it wasn't available. This was what the saleslady would give me. I think it's the same but they repackaged it. It's not as good as the one I was given but it does the job. 

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