The Older You Get + My Photoshoot with Kevin Brentt

Late last year, I had the honor of collaborating with Kevin Brentt for a photoshoot but being the good blogger that I am, I forgot to post the whole set of photos. It must be one of those #signsofaging.

At 23 years old, I thought I'd still sharp and on my toes but I have noticed a few changes about myself. I'm sure you're experiencing them too!

1. 10 pm is too late
Whenever my friends text me past 10 pm to head out, I automatically say no. I'm usually already in my pajamas by that time with my hair in a bun and with no make up on.

2. You appreciate being home more 
I work in Makati on weekdays. I hardly get to spend time at home other than to sleep. I feel so at peace whenever I'm just home.

3. Weekends are just as productive as weekdays
Before I'd have school on the weekdays so during weekends, I'm just at home or out but now that weekdays are for work, I spend my weekends during chores and errands that I wasn't able to during the weekdays. Sometimes, weekends are even more stressful.

4. Waking up early isn't so bad after all
I'm not really a morning person but my body has adjusted. I wake up at 10 am at the latest. I love waking up early now because I get so much done!

5. I can no longer stay in bed the whole day
I can't believe I used to be one of those people who would stay in bed the whole day even to eat. If I do that now, I'll feel so disgusting.

6. Seeing your friends only once a month
I barely get to see my friends nowadays because we're all so busy with our own lives. It's so hard to be able to get everyone together so when I do see my friends, it's always memorable.

7. You start taking naps
I used to hate naps. My mom would get mad at me whenever I skipped nap time but now that I'm older, every chance to sleep is a blessing.

8. Self-imposed curfew
I set a curfew for myself every time I head out. 2 am latest. It drains the life out of me when I stay out too late. Last week for ParadiseIMF, I got home at around 3 am already and the next day, I could barely function. Not because I got drunk or anything but because my body was just so exhausted.

9. Your phone is filled with work related messages instead of messages from your friends and family
I'm constantly on my phone 24/7 because of social media and now because of work. If you text me, it usually takes me 2 to 3 business days to reply. It's easier to reach me through Instagram than through text. I usually don't get to open personal texts until the end of the day and by then, I'm already too sleepy to reply.

10. Paying bills
This is a sad fact. I have to pay for everything now. (i.e food, shopping, cellphone bill, etc.) It's a good thing I don't live on my own yet because I don't know how I'll be able to afford anything if I had to think about my rent and electricity bill too.

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Sefra bralette
Zalora Outwerwear

Photographed by Kevin Brentt

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