What to Wear to the Airport

I have a love-hate relationship with airports. 

I love it because it's a sign that I'm one step closer to leaving but I also hate it because of the waiting, cueing up, and there's nothing to keep me entertained. Quite frankly, our airport in Manila is ranked as one of the worst airport's in the world and with good reason. Our facilities are horrible and the only way to make it bearable is by dressing appropriately. I have to be 100% comfortable without sacrificing style. I've been stalking celebrities airport style for some inspiration and here's the outfit that I came up with. 

I never leave for the airport without outerwear especially if I know I'm flying to a cold place. This H&M sweater was too cute not to get!

Whenever I'm in the plane, I easily feel cold and I like to curl up my legs so I can't wear short shorts or a skirt. Jeans are best to keep me warm but since all my jeans are too tight to move in, I usually opt for leggings

H&M Top
Zara Boots

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