Grind House

There's a new gym in town.

The temperature in the Philippines has been rising and it's only going to get warmer in the next few weeks. Everyone's already gearing up for their summer bodies. Are you ready to show it off? I still have a few pounds to shed after my Hong Kong trip. I scheduled a visit to Grind House to help me tone my body most especially my core. I want those abs just in time for my beach trip!

Grind House offers a number of programs to choose from. It doesn't only focus on a certain type of work out. They adjust to the needs of the client which is why most athletes train here because they are able to get the proper conditioning for their chosen sport. You tell them what your goal is and they'll help you achieve it. 

These are some of the programs: 

1. Body Composition Training- For those whose goal is fat loss or gaining leaning muscle 
2. Athletic Performance- Increase your strength, speed, agility and power in sports 
3. Clinical/ Corrective Exercise/Rehabilitation- Specialized training for those are recovering from an injury or have undergone surgery
4. Youth Training Age is just a number! Exercising as early as possible has proven to be beneficial for children
5. Martial Arts Strength and Conditioning 

6B Felipe Pike St.
Barangay Bagong Ilog Pasig City
Contact Number: 0917 881 0490

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