First Date Outfit

I got caught up with all the preparations for Valentine's Day that it slipped my mind to give you an outfit idea for the special day. So instead, here's something simple and classic for you to wear on a first date. I chose a plain dress in bright yellow from Apartment 8. It doesn't look like you're trying too hard but at the same time, it will definitely catch his attention.
Never wear black on a first date. Black is a safe color but safe is boring! You want to be memorable, right?

Lastly, remember to keep your accessories minimal. Avoid wearing bangles. I once went on a date and I stacked three bangles on one arm. Every time I would cut my food, it would make such a loud clank sound. It was embarrassing for me and irritating for him.

Above all things, don't forget to be yourself and to have fun! Dating is about getting to know the person. Toby and I have been together for almost two years now but I still learn something new about him every time we go out on a date.

Apartment 8 Dress
Call It Spring Heels 

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