48 Hours in Davao

Whenever I travel, I make sure to fully book myself with activities. I fix my itinerary weeks before and every minute is accounted for. After all, I'm only given 12 vacation days from work. I need to maximize each day. But my recent trip to Davao was different.

 Toby just wanted to relax and spend time with one of his best friends, Tj, who is based in Davao now. No strict schedules, no tours, and no waking up ridiculously early. I sometimes forget that that's what vacations were for. The last time I was in Davao was over a decade ago and it has changed a lot since then. Davao reminds me a lot like Manila except it's a whole lot cleaner and everyone is afraid to break the law because Duderte has eyes everywhere. Would you believe that if you're caught smoking in a public place you have to pay P1000 and spend a night in jail? What's even harder to believe is that everyone in Davao actually follows it! I'm not used to Filipinos following the rules but it's good to know that there are still those who know how to. 

Our flight arrived at 8 am. We had brunch at Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop before heading to the hotel. I was scared to tell Toby it was a vegetarian restaurant because he hates vegetables but he loved the place as much as I did! I had the lemon garlic shrimps with black rice while Toby ordered the seafood risotto.

We checked in The Ritz at Garden Oases to fresh up before heading to Davao Crocodile Farm which was Davao's famous zoo. 

The biggest crocodile in the Philippines can be found here! 

You can feed the ostriches too. 

We wanted to be daring so we tried crocodile and ostrich ice cream. Lets just say it was an experience that I don't ever want to try again.

Toby's face says it all 

For dinner, we headed to Benito's. You won't expect that such a lovely place lies behind that basketball ring. The restaurant is located at the parking lot beside a couple of town houses. 

Make sure to order their paella negra. It's their specialty!

For our second day, we spent it at Chema's by the Sea. It's a 10 minute boat ride away from Davao city. It's a pretty small place but it's perfect for a day with friends because it's beach front. 

They also have a salt water pool overlooking the beach.

Tj's son, Camden! Isn't he so adorable?

For our last supper in Davao, we ate at Claude's. It's somewhat like Antonio's in Tagaytay. It's a house turned restaurant. The food is European. It was so good that my mouth is watering now just thinking about the food. I wasn't able to take photos because the light was dim but I did take a video. Watch the vlog entry below! 

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