Healthy Not Skinny

At the beginning of the year, we always vow to start dieting in order to lose the holiday weight. We research what is the best diet then deprive ourselves from delicious food for the next few months. We'll try our best to stay away from carbs by only having one cheat meal a week. Once a week becomes once a day and before you know it, you've gained all the weight back or worse, you've gained even more.

Why not focus all your time and energy to eating healthy instead? Forget about all those crazy diets and do something that is actually good for your body. Choosing the healthy way benefits you and it will also help you lose the extra pounds. It may not be as quick as dieting but you will feel the changes in your body. Your skin will glow, you will feel physically stronger and you will be in a better mood. The only problem is that there aren't a lot of places to buy healthy food from. You can do the grocery and prepare your own food but for people like me who can't cook, there's no way. It's just more convenient to eat fast food. Thankfully, there's Munch Manila. It's a food delivery service that provides low-carb meal plans. There are a ton of healthy food deliveries out there but what makes Munch Manila stand out is that it uses premiums ingredients and they don't starve you with little portions.

Munch Manila

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