Miracle Art Museum


Things are never as they seem. This holds true especially at Miracle Art Museum in Market, Market, Taguig. Miracle Art is a 3D museum where all the paintings appear as if they're real. Some might find this activity a little too kiddie but I'm lucky that I get to drag Toby to do all these silly things with me. I'm sure you'll enjoy this if you're a kid-at-heart or you can always bring someone with you like your niece or nephew. You don't have to tell anyone that you enjoyed it more than them. *wink*

I am really scared of the movie Jurassic Park. #truestory


Where did my legs go?

What a bad example...



The closest I'll get to becoming a Victoria Secret Angel

My new photographer for my blog

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  1. Ohhh Kally. . How i wish I could wear short skirt and top like that.