Work It

Entering the working world can be scary. It's a whole new chapter of my life that's about to unfold. You know what they say, Once you start working, you never stop. No more long vacations and hoping for classes to get suspended. I am officially part of the waterproof/ indestructible sector. Tomorrow marks my first day at my new job. I would consider myself as an independent person. As soon as I entered college, I looked for ways to earn extra money to avoid asking my parents for allowance. I would work part time in Valkyrie/ 71 Gramercy and there were a few blogging gigs that paid for my shopping sprees. In some way, I have already been working for a while but it's completely different working a 8 am to 6 pm shift everyday. You have deadlines to meet and bosses to please. Getting scolded isn't the worst thing that could happen. It would be getting fired. We all have to start somewhere and this is my beginning. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck on your new work! I'm sure you'll be great!
    -Lia of Lyra Shoppe