Oversized White Vest

What's your definition of sexy? For men, I'm sure the first thing that comes to mind is a girl showing a lot of skin. Think mini skirts, tight dresses, low necklines and basically everything that isn't allowed according to the student dress code. This has pushed some women to think that it's okay to go out of the house looking like a street walker. I admit, I used to love wearing skimpy tops and barely there shorts years ago. That was when I used to dress for others because I wanted people to notice me. Silly, right? Now that I started dressing for myself, I feel sexiest when what I'm wearing shows a woman in power. I think this Lazada oversized white vest paired with Tim and Franc's Delphine pants embodied just that. 

Vest: Lazada
Top: Ensemble
Shoes: Call It Spring 

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