7 Tips for Photoshoots

Thanks to blogging, I'm occasionally given the chance to model for my favorite brands. A few months ago I did a photoshoot for Trunk Show Manila. I'm not at all a professional model but here are a few tips that I've picked up from the photo shoots I've been to.

1. Prepare all your stuff the night before
Usually the team will ask you to bring a few things like nude underwear, bandeaus, etc. Be sure to pack everything in advance so you don't forget anything. 

2. Sleep early 
You don't want to have big dark circles under your eyes. Even if make up will cover it, your eyes still look obviously tired. You want to look fresh and your best, right? 
Plus, it also looks unprofessional if you have been partying the night before and you smell like alcohol. 

3. Work Out
WORK OUT even if the photo shoot isn't for a swimsuit brand or anything that requires you to show skin. It helps you boost your confidence which will reflect in the photos.  

4. Avoid Drinking Fluids
Water makes you BLOAT. The fastest way to have a belly is by drinking plenty of water on the morning of your shoot. So I highly suggest you try not to drink fluids as much as necessary. 

5. Go to the Parlor
If you have colored hair, please go to the parlor to have your roots retouched. It's really so disgusting to see a line that separates your natural hair color and your fake hair color. For real.

6. Bring Comfortable Footwear 
Some shoots take up the entire day. Call time can be as early as 5 pm and it ends past 7 pm or even later. You should bring slippers to change in in-between photos. This will help your feet last the entire day. 

7. Food, food, food!
Models do eat. Well, at least I do! You don't know if food will be served. Usually if food is served, it will be McDo or pizza. If you're on a diet or trying to stay healthy, bring packed lunch. I always bring crackers in my bag just in case I get hungry. It's easy to eat and it doesn't smudge my lipstick. 

Photos by Carlos Tan for Trunkshow Manila

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