South of France

From Paris, we took a train down south of France. All the neighborhoods here were quaint and quiet. It reminded of the setting of a children's storybook. No two houses looked the same. Each had it's own charm and I'm sure the story behind the different designs would be fascinating to hear. Our hotel was along the Nice beach. My dad thought it would be fun to experience what it was like to drive around European soil. He rented a car for us for our four day stay. It was quite convenient because we were able to drive to Eze, Monaco and Cannes which was just a couple of hours away. Our GPS was a huge failure though. It would always make us take the long route. I'm sure if they had Waze it would be easy peasy.

There's my dad helping my mom walk with her cane. She injured herself from the Paris marathon. 

Eze Village is high up in the mountains of the South of France. They're known for their perfumery! 

While driving to Eze, we saw yachts docked. We couldn't resist to stop to take photos.

If you're a big fan of Selena Gomez then I'm sure you recognize this scene in Monte Carlo. I had a #fangirl moment.

Every year, Cannes celebrates its festival de Cannes. Can you imagine that your favorite celebrities have walked along these steps?

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