Bunny Turns Four

Last September 2011, my family and I were walking around Tiendesitas when my Dad sees an all black Shih Tzu from the window of one of the dog stores. My brother and I have been wanting a new dog because Pancake (Our dog) needed a playmate. My mom said, "NO!" My dad not to worry, I'll come he'll talk to my mom. The following day, I came home to find my dad holding a Shih Tzu but she was black and white. He explained, "There was a puppy that kept calling for my attention. She kept tapping me with her paw. She was so hyper and sweet." And that's the story of how Bunny came into our lives. Bunny isn't like other dogs that I've had. She constantly needs attention. It gets annoying but I can never get mad at her. She never leaves my side. When I eat, she's there. When I shower, she's there. When I pee, she's still there watching me. I guess you can say she doesn't know what personal space is. It's almost impossible to leave the house because I hate hearing her cry. Bunny is like a daughter to me. I can't imagine what my life would be like without her with me. I try my best to do everything to make her happy. For her 4th birthday, Toby and I took her to Whole Pet Kitchen  to celebrate her birthday. I ordered a cake and cupcakes for her and her guest to share. Toby brought his pug Bernie to join the festivities.


Whole Pet Kitchen serves food for dogs and their owners

"Where my food at?"

Bernie the party pug 

Look who drove us home

Whole Pet Kitchen

349-D CM Recto st. (near P. Guevarra st.)
Barangay Addition Hills
San Juan City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (0917)8488857/ (02) 3572753
Email: bark@wholepetkitchen.com

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