Marriott Hotel Opens in Clark

Clark is booming with establishments popping up left and right. From water parks, casinos, restaurants, malls, and the first 5 star hotel Clark Marriott.  

Here in the Philippines, Marriott currently has three hotels: the first is in Manila, the second one is in Iloilo and the biggest among all three is the newest one in Clark. Why Clark? Marketing Associate, Jesse Mendoza, explains that they saw the potential Clark has to grow into the next big thing in real estate. There has been rumors that Clark will be the next Fort Bonifacio. A number of big telco companies and government offices have already set up camp there. It won't be long until more housing developments and condominiums open up too. Maybe it's time for us to start investing before the property value skyrockets, don't you think?

The rooms are huge! We stayed in the Deluxe Room with Double Beds which is 40sqm. The standard rate is at Php6,555 per night but if you book in advance you can get a discount.

This is exactly how I would want my bathroom to be if I built a hous
You don't have to go far to find something to do because everything you want is in the comfort of your hotel. All the facilities are exactly what a five star hotel must have!

Quan Spa
All the massages start with a foot scrub
Gym with complete equipment
Day Care Center
Their day center has its own wall climbing activity!

All cuisines are served in Marriott Clark. If you're a big eater then you have to go to Goji Kitchen for their buffet while if you're craving for authentic Korean food, visit Smoki Moto. They are always fully booked so be sure to reserve in advance! It must be a testament to how delicious their food is.

Seafood Station

Dessert Station
Dinner at Smoki Moto

Breakfast at the Executive Lounge

The chef preparing our eggs
Snacks at Urban Coffee
Thank you so much Jesse and Jayvee for the warm welcome. I will definitely be back soon!
Clark Marriott
Address: 5400 Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Zone
Clark Freeport, Pampanga
Contact Number: +63 45 598 5000

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