5 Reasons that make San Diego America's Finest City

San Diego was never on my list of places to visit in California but because my cousin lives there I thought it would be nice to see what life is like there. After-all, it is named "America's Finest City" for a reason. Here are the 5 reasons I came up with!

1. San Diego has great beaches.
       I wouldn't say that it's as beautiful as the ones where I come from in the Philippines but it would rank in my top 5 in America. I wish that we had the time to visit all but we only had time for one. My cousin suggested La Jolla so that's where Jacob and I went.

Spotted this couple walking their dog

2. Go back into time in Balboa Park.
    Balboa Park is named after the first European explorer who discovered the Pacific Ocean, Vasco Nuñez de Balboa. There are so many things you can find inside the park such as the zoo, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the Natural History Museum.

3. Hit up one of the many cool restaurants in Little Italy.

4. Take a side trip to wine country in Temecula Valley.
    Temecula Valley is just an hour away from San Diego via bus. We took the Greyhound which left at around 9 am just in time for our winery tour at 11 am with Tastin' Temecula. It costs $209 for 2 pax which is around Php10,000. It's worthy every dollar/peso! Our tour guide took us to three wineries-- Europa Village, Callaway, and Bel Vino. Jacob and I had way too much fun that by we couldn't drink anymore in the third winery because we were so buzzed. We just kept laughing and having a good time. 

5. Wake up early to go for a hike in Torrey Pines State Park.
    My friend Kath lives in San Diego and she wanted to take us to somewhere near. Jacob and I aren't the biggest fans of hiking but with the view like that, we didn't mind working a sweat. The hike has three trails--- we obviously chose the easiest one because we're just beginners.

Would you want to visit San Diego?

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