Missing Boracay (Our Stay at Henann Crystal Sands)

Boracay was the very first beach that I visited. I was only a couple of months old when my parents took me there. I don't remember anything about it then but I have gone back so many times to refresh my memory-- with my family and my friends. My last trip to Boracay was last September 2017. I was not initially planning on blogging about it but now that Boracay is closed indefinitely, I felt like reminiscing by sharing with you my favorite photos from that trip. I, together with a couple of other influencers, stayed at Boracay Hennan Crystal Sands for a weekend of fun and relaxation. 

A lot of us Filipinos are heartbroken that that island that we have fallen in love with is temporarily out of reach but I'm certain that when it reopens, it will be even more beautiful than it once was. What happened is a wake up call from Mother Nature--- we need to take care of our environment. She gave us the beach as a gift for our enjoyment; not for us to destroy. Lets all do our part. It doesn't have to be a big gesture-- simple things like:

1. Throwing our trash

2. No to plastic bags-- bring around eco-friendly bag with you 

3. Bring around a jug/ tumbler with you to reduce plastic bottles 

4. Say goodbye to plastic straws

These four steps will go a long way in cleaning the environment.

The resort proper is beach front located in between Station 1 and Station 2

Pool day with the boyfriend
Dinner Menu

Walked around the shores of Boracay to look for a smoothie bowl
What a view

Henann Crystal Sands Resort, Boracay
Address: Boracay Island, Malay, 5608, Aklan
Contact Number: (02) 523- 1234
Website: http://henann.com/henanncrystalsands

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