My 9-Day Itinerary in Melbourne

I originally had no plans of sharing my Melbourne itinerary but one of my friends is heading there this month and she made a special request so here it is. 

As you can already notice from my itinerary, I made sure to put a brunch spot almost everyday because Melbourne is the brunch capital of the world and their coffee is no doubt THE BEST. (I wrote about it in my previous entry found here.) We didn't do so many touristy things since the purpose of my visit was just to catch up with three of my friends who were based in Australia. We spent most of our time talking over meals, movie marathons every night, and stopping in every cute shop we saw. The only touristy thing we did was book a tour in the Great Ocean Road. My favorite activity among everything we did was the Yarra Valley Wine Tour because I love my wine. 

Melbourne is a very laid back city. It's so easy to lose track of time because you're just enjoying relaxing. It's also a very young city so it's ideal for those who are between their 20s to 30s. I think it's more for solo travellers or a group of friends rather than families. For families, I would suggest Gold Coast because it's near the beach. While for those more adventurous and prefer to be out and about everyday with a jam pack itinerary, I would suggest Sydney. You'll never run out of things to do there because there's so much to see. 

Mandee and I
I think nine days in Melbourne was just right. It was enough time to do everything I planned but still not enough time with my friends whom I miss so much. This is the last of my Melbourne series. Next up will be Korea! 

Shrine of Remembrance

Prahan Market

Botanical Garden

Ponyfish Island

St. Kilda Pier

Brighton Beach

St. Paul's Cathedral
National Gallery of Victoria

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