5-Day Adventure in the Canadian Rockies

As I grow older, my parents are growing older too so our time together is always precious. Travelling has been the ultimate bonding experience for us a family because this is usually the only time we are able to put down our phones, leave our laptops behind, and stop worrying about work or school. In May of 2017, my family booked a trip to go to Canada because my parents were joining the Vancouver Marathon. Afterwards, we took a side trip to Alberta to see the Canadian Rockies. I've never heard of it before but my dad insisted that we go there. He said it was one of those places that you need to see at least once in your life.

From Vancouver, we booked a flight to Calgary, a province of Canada. (It's an hour and a half plane ride away) Once we landed in the airport, we rented a car to start our Canadian Rockies adventure! It's a long drive--- almost twenty hours in total to and from but it's very scenic so you don't feel the time. You just peep out the window and enjoy the view.

Day 1: From Calgary to Banff
The first stop of this adventure is Banff National Park. From Calgary to Banff, it will take approximately an hour and 30 minutes. Originally it was named Banff Hot Springs Reserve in 1855 making it Canada's oldest park. We stayed at Juniper Hotel for two nights before making our way to Jasper.

Fairmont Hotel

This hotel was one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever seen! I think it would make the perfect place for a destination wedding. 

Day 2: Touring around Banff
In Banff, you will find Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Two of the most stunning lakes you will ever lay eyes on. Sadly, it was still frozen when we went there even if it was already spring time. During the summer, the lake bursts with vibrant colors.

Lake Louise

Moraine Lake from a distance

Day Three: Johnston Creek
Towards our drive out of Banff, we stopped by Johnston Creek. It's a hiking trail where you can see tunnels, canyon walls, waterfalls and rock pools.

That's Moraine Lake right behind us. However, you can't see it because it's ice and covered in snow.

Day Four: Jasper National Park
Japser is a lot smaller than Banff. There's just a small quaint town in the middle and majority of the place are glaciers. 

Surrounded by glaciers 

Day Five: Columbia Icefields
We took a tour around the Columbia Ice fields. I know what you're thinking- it just looks a lot like the glaciers. What makes it different? Icefields are a type of glacier. Icefields are similar to ice caps except smaller. It's quite more dangerous to walk over icefields because they are more delicate meaning the possibility of the ice breaking is high.

Bow Lake and Bow Glacier 

The only way to reach the icefields is by riding the ice explorer. It's specially made for manoeuvring through the ice without it breaking and because the mountains are very steep. Those big wheels allow them to drive up the mountain without slipping.

There's a viewing deck so you can get a full 360 degree view of the icefields from above. 

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