Introducing the Guess Girl Squad

It's been quite a while since I put on my dancing shoes for a night out. Lately, I've been kicking it back at home with a bottle of wine. I am clueless as to what it's like to stay out past midnight. I've been on Cinderella time BUT  I couldn't say no when I received an invite from Guess for the first ever Guess Girls Night. I had no idea what was going to happen or who was invited. It was a mystery---all I knew was that we were going to party the night away, wearing Guess from head to toe, of course!

With blogger Bea Marin

As soon as I arrived at Guess in Glorietta, the first friendly face I saw was Bea's. They didn't reveal to  us who was part of the girls squad so I was pretty eager to find out. 

We are your Guess Girl Squad!

Once all of us girls were complete, we boarded on the party bus to take us to Txanton for dinner.

Intimate Dinner Set Up

Personalized Seat Cards

Txanton is the first Hamóneria in the Philippines. They treated us to a private tasting of Jamon Iberia de Bellota and taught us about how each is made. Did you know that it takes at least two to five years for jamon to reach their peak flavor? Just like wine, it tastes better with age.

Pan con Tomato plate of bread, tomato, garlic and olive oil

After that 5-course meal and three bottles of rosé later, we headed to Mao's Den for even more fun. The night ended with new friends, a few drunk snaps and a whole lot of memories. Thank you Guess! 

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