Driving Up To Whistler

The weather in Canada is normally gloomy with light rains. Whenever it started to pour, I would quickly run to find cover or bring out my umbrella but you see the Canadians just walking around like it's nothing. They are immune to the rain and they don't believe that getting rained on will get you sick. According to them, it's a Filipino mentality but I still choose to believe otherwise. During our stay in Vancouver, it would rain almost everyday so when we saw that the weather forecast predicted it would be sunny, we instantly got in the car and drove up to Whistler. It's just less than a two hour drive but we made so many stops to take photos because the view was spectacular. 

First Stop: Porteu Cove

Second Stop: Shannon Falls

Final destination: Whistler Mountain

The long drive made us hungry

This quaint town reminds me of Whoville in the movie The Grinch

My next entry will be about the Canadian Rockies!


  1. Love your photos! Grabe, makes me want to fly to Canada and experience this myself! T_T

  2. Eunice Lalaine E. ReyesTuesday, February 27, 2018

    Oh, you are truly blessed, you have visited so many beautiful places. Loving your photos and outfit. Plus, your hair too! Perfect as Dove shampoo endorser.
    Ig iblvircv