Power to Transform with Creamsilk

Introducing Cream Silk's new range of Customized Solutions

With more than 30 years of hair care expertise, Cream Silk has developed its most effective formulation yet, keeping in mind the most common hair problems of Filipinas. Now better than ever, the all-new range has Advanced Hair Reborn Technology that repairs, strengthens, and replenishes hair from inside out. It also contains nutrients that are essential to improve hair elasticity, moisture retention, and flexibility. With this breakthrough formulation, Cream Silk is able to detect even the smallest imperfections of one’s hair and caters to areas it is needed the most.

Perfect for every Filipina hair type, the new Cream Silk range consists of seven (7) customized solutions, each with a specialized formulation to improve and transform any hair to beyond beautiful. These are Standout Straight, Hair Fall Defense, Damage Control, Stunning Shine, Dry Rescue, Dandruff-free, and its newest variant: Color Protect.

Last Wednesday, Creamsilk hosted an intimated lunch at Manila House for the grand relaunch of their new formulation and look.

Host Apples Aberin

"With the launch of Cream Silk’s All-New Customized Solutions, we want to give Modern Filipinas the power to transform their hair by providing them a full range of conditioners formulated for any hair type. Cream Silk believes that having control over their hair enables every Modern Filipina to have the #PowerToTransform”, said Dorothy Dee-Ching, Unilever’s Marketing Director for Hair Care.

Know the Cream Silk that’s customized for you! Visit www.creamsilk.com.ph to learn more about how Cream Silk’s all-new range of customized solutions can give you the #PowerToTransform. 

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