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Getting to know the brand Urbanize
Urbanize is your one-stop shop for everything you need in the city. Being part of the generation that  is always on-the-go, we like to travel carrying a lot of things. You never know what you need so it is best to bring everything you could possibly need! Inside my bag, you can typically find: headphones, power bank, speakers, laptop, and a jug. All of these things you can find in this store and more.

Last week, Urbanize held a blogger get-together at Spatzle to formally introduce what the store has to offer. It has been in the Philippines for nearly five years but it was my first time to hear about the brand and enter the store for that matter. From the outside, the store looks masculine which is probably why I never bothered going inside. I had no idea that they carried so many brands that I love such as PacSafe, Elecom, Swisstech, and Focused Space. Their items are functional, innovative, and stylish. 

The afternoon was full of exciting games. We were divided into two teams. Team A and Team B a.k.a. the competitive group (us). The first one was the Runway Challenge. We had 15 minutes to pick items from the store and model it down the runway. 

The next one was the Flatlay Challenge.

Last but not least was the Live Mannequin Challenge. We had to pose inside the store and pretend we were mannequins on display. It was so hard to keep a straight face. I kept breaking out in laughter. 

As a young urban jetsetter, I've explored countless of places around the world. My most memorable experience was the very first time I flew alone outside of the Philippines. Three years ago, I had to travel by myself to meet my family in Paris. They went ahead because I still had school requirements to finish. I was so scared! I've watched a lot of movies about girls getting kidnapped or mugged. I look a lot younger than my real age. I'm pretty sure I would be an easy target but I had to suck it up and be brave. All I kept thinking was, "You can do this!" I kept my valuables inside my
backpack and I never let it out of my site. 

Something similar to a backpack like the one I'm wearing in the photos below would be perfect. It has a lot of compartments even one for your laptop. It's also very lightweight. No need to worry about straining your back. 

Thanks so much for the fun afternoon!

Visit their branches in the following:
Urbanize Shangri-La
U.P. Town Center
Soledad Nuvali
Glorietta 3
Uptown Mall BGC
Alabang Town Center
The District 
Kiss & Fly
Venice Piazza
Ayala on 30th

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