Obsession with Silk

2016's summer trend is still in this 2017

The obsession with silk satin started last summer of 2016 and until now, it's still a hit. What I love about it is it gives a luxurious appeal-- something that royalty would wear. Who wouldn't want to be a princess or a queen, right? When you touch the fabric, it feels expensive and it looks great draped around your body. Once you style it right, you'll be showered with compliments. 

Silk on its own is already classy. There's no need to overly dress it up. I decided to pair my silk sapphire blue blouse with black trousers. I kept my bottoms simple to give more attention to my blouse because I am in so in love with the color and the style. It's something I can see myself repeating over and over again. Aside from my blouse, another show stealer are my shoes from Concept Meraki. They're so pretty to look at and comfy on the feet. (That's a rare combination!) 

H&M Pants
Klarra Bag

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