Amihan Swimwear

My photoshoot with Amihan Swimwear at Batangas

Behind The Brand
Celina Sol Cruz is 1/2 of the Amihan Swimwear team. From the very start, she was sure that she wanted to make swimwear because it matched her adventurous lifestyle. When she's not designing bikinis, you can find her up in the mountains or walking by the beach. She loves doing both, after-all, she is a nature lover. Then there's her other half, Lena McKenzie, who is a fellow nature lover as well except she is also a full time Soprano singer. (She's actually singing on a cruise right now!) They joined their beautiful minds together and the outcome is Amihan Swimwear. 
Celina messaged back when they just started about collaborating. However, our schedules could never meet. Finally after almost a year, it pushed through. We went to Lena's aunt's charming home in Batangas to shoot the photos that you're about to see. Keep scrolling down! 

Shout to the incredible team behind the photoshoot: Celina, Lena, Sab (photographer), Chynna (stylist) and Dadsie!

Photos by Sab