All Day Brunch at Cow and Chicken

"Passion is the one thing experience can't teach."

Kapitolyo is a popular destination for food. Restaurants have been popping up left and right. I'm not at all used to seeing the streets busy with cars parked and people swarming. For those of you who don't know, I've lived in Kapitolyo my whole life. I would've never expected it to blossom into a dining district. Now, I never have to go far for good food. I'm just walking distance from so many delicious restaurants, Cow and Chicken is one of them.

Cow and Chicken is an all day brunch restaurant. It opens as early as 10 am and it closes at 4 am. Yup, you don't have an excuse not to eat here because it's practically opened 24/7. Sam Beltran, the owner, noticed that there wasn't a place to eat during the wee hours of the morning other than fast food which is why she decided, it was time for Kapitolyo to have its own brunch place that you can go to any time you want.

Iced Pauncchi Macchiato P160
Their specialty! 

Dirty Skinny Fries P110
Fries topped with bacon bits, cheese sauce, sour cream and paprika 

Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles P320
Buttermilk and bourbon-infused marinade, house waffles, whipped butter. Maple or honey

Grilled Cheese Croque P235
Mozzarella, farmer's ham, b├ęchamel, egg

Batangas Dark Tablea Champorado and Crispy Kapak P210
Malangkit, heirloom rice, dark tablea, Chocnut, fresh milk, dried Kapak fish (Kapak fish is all the way from Sam's province, Bataan)

Classic Carbonara P235
Spaghetti, egg yolk, bacon, parmesan, Pecorino Romano

Wagyu Beef Tapa (Sandwich)

Ube Macapuno Cheesecake

The newest addition to their list of desserts. 

Their interiors are simple but charming

My Thoughts
What makes this place stand out is that they are able to take simple dishes and elevate it to a whole different level. Sam and her boyfriend, Mark Tating (who is the head chef) put up this restaurant out of passion. It was their love for food that pushed them to open a restaurant of their own. They both never had formal training or schooling and yet their locally bought wagyu meat tastes better than some the imported ones I've eaten from high end restaurants. They sure know their flavors. They even serve carbonara with a raw egg in the middle just like how the Italians intended the dish to be. This just goes to show that when you follow your passion, success will follow. 

Cow and Chicken
16 United Street Pasig City

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