The Month That Was: July

July in a nutshell.

     I've decided to start a new series on my blog called "The Month That Was." It's basically a compilation of all of the events I attended. This is to keep you on the loop on what's been happening lately.

Aimee Song in Manila

Aimee Song is my favorite international blogger so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that SM Makati chose her as their newest muse. I actually got the chance to meet and talk to her twice. The first time was when I bumped into her shopping at the SM department store then another time during her Style Up Press Conference last July 1, 2016.  

Janeena Chan, blogger/host, taking the perfect shot

Maybelline's Contour Jungle x Calyxta

Maybelline has been keeping up with all the latest trends. For the month of July, it's all about contouring. They just released their V-Face line with their star products: The Blush Contour and Duo Stick. Whoever said contouring was dead was obviously wrong.

Look at how defined my cheekbones are! 

With Alyssa Arellano (who just launched her food blog!) and Make Up Artist Clara Pettersen 

Claritin 101

I only have one allergy: DUST. I know that it doesn't sound serious but it can be a problem. As soon as I touch dust or enter a dusty place, my eyes start to swell up and I sneeze uncontrollably. I look as if someone made me cry. I never took any medication for it. I normally just let it be.

Last July 13, Claritin's ambassador, Iya Villania-Arellano, shared how Claritin's RediTabs has changed her life. She gets to do all her exercises and duties without worrying about her allergies. Of course, I wanted that too. When I got an allergy reaction from my cat's fur the other day, I took a Claritin tab and in just minutes I felt so much better.

We were given the chance to make our own plant box.

Sperry's Backyard Party

I wish we could have backyard parties every weekend because they are so much fun! My ideal night-- the best company, delicious food, good music, and every corner is instagrammable. Sperry launched three collections: Paul Sperry, Sperry x Jaws, and Classic CVO, by throwing a party that people just couldn't stop talking about.

The cutest set up.

Belvedere Vodka's #BestWingMan

Do you notice that whenever you're tipsy, you start to talk to everyone? I don't know what the science is behind that but every time there's vodka in my system, I turn into Ms. Congeniality. I made so many new friends at The Penthouse 8474 and I got to bond with my long time friends as well.

With one of my closest friends, Tanya Tioseco and our new friend Karl Kramer.

New Balance's Girls Night Out with Pilates

Working out can be such a task but I get an extra push whenever I work out with my girls. It was our first time to try Stott Pilates at Vivian Zapanta's studio at BGC.

Zalora Opens It's Pop Up Shop 

Zalora is not just an app/website anymore. They are now open at Bonifacio High Street until December only. Be sure to drop by to shop their newest collection!

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