Joining The Dark Side

No, I'm not making a Star Wars reference. I'm actually talking about my new matte lipstick. Read more to find out what it is!

I've always been a red or brown lippie kind-of-girl. I hardly wear pinks and I've never tried anything dark. I always thought my personal style would clash with dark lips. Dark lips were for reserved for edgy girls. I'm far from that! I'm a girly girl who loves the classics. But as they say, fashion should never be boring. I can't always stick to what I know or what I'm comfortable with. 

So today, I decided to pair this purple dress with Sleek Make Up's Matte Me Vino Tinto shade. I was nervous that people would think I was trying too hard to look like a vampire with my whole look but instead, everyone thought it suited me. What do you think? 

Zalora Dress
AMS Clothing Choker
Perle de l'Orient Bag

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