Weekend at Tagaytay + Balay Dako

I've been wanting to go to Balay Dako ever since it opened in 2015 and Toby finally brought me there last month. Yipee!

Summer is such a dry month and whenever I want to feel the cool air, Tagaytay is the place to go. It's just two hours away. (That's the time equivalent to sitting in traffic on a Friday night) Last year, Toby and I would go at least once a month. It's the perfect place to go on a date. The cold weather is best enjoyed with good food. 

Balay Dako is a Filipino restaurant ran by the same owners as Antonio's. Rest assured the food will definitely exceed your expectations. 

Pancit ni Antonio

We didn't get to take a photo of all the dishes we ordered because we were so hungry.

Squid Flakes

Pink Manila Top
Korean Rose Skirt
Yosi Samra Flats


  1. Nice post! You're so gorgeous, but I want more reviews on Balay Dako Restaurant. Anyways, Thanks for sharing :) nice photos

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for dropping by. :) So sorry-- we were in line for a while so when we got there we ate right away. It slipped my mind to take photos.