The Land of the Nile: Egypt

Starting my Holy Land travel series with Egypt

History was my favorite subject in school. I was always so fascinated learning about the past. Hearing the stories was just like listening to my mom tell me a bedtime story. I guess that's what made it seem like it was fiction but once I landed in Egypt, everything was up close and personal. I felt like I needed to pinch myself just like Ben Stiller in the movie Night at the Museum. I saw the Sphinx, the pyramids, and a lot of mummies. It's a good thing that they didn't talk. (If they did, I would run out of there as fast as I could!)

Day One
There's no flight that goes directly to Egypt from Manila. We first flew to Abu Dhabi then took a connecting flight to Egypt. (Manila-Abu Dhabi-Egypt) A total of 11 hours flying time.

While waiting for our connecting flight

Day Two
We only had three days to explore all of Egypt. We wasted no time. As soon as we landed, our tour guide brought us straight to our first stop: The Egyptian Museum.


Checked in at Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa

The view from our hotel was the pyramids

Day Three
We started our day by seeing the famous pyramids. Afterwards, we had a long bus ride ahead (8 hours to be exact) before reaching St. Catherine where Mount Sinai is. 

Egypt is not at all like how the news portrays it. It is very safe and tourist friendly. But of course, you still have to be extra careful. The man to my right stood beside me while I was taking my photo. I didn't mind but right after, he started harassing me to pay him for his "services".  

Egypt is a desert. The whole country is filled with sand. There's only a few parts where you'll see greenery. 

Fun fact: Did you know that there were originally 12 pyramids? Each king along with their mistresses had one made. However, three were destroyed when the Romans took over Egypt.

The Sphinx 

We made a short stop over

This is what the well looks like. Inside, there's water. It was used both for drinking and showering.

My post on Mount Sinai is coming up!

*Credits to Mike Vicencio for a some photos

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