My Birthday at Canvas Boutique Hotel

Can you guess why April 5 is a special day?

My birthday only happens once a year. I use it as an excuse to do whatever I want. This year, I wanted to celebrate at the beach. My girl friends couldn't say no to me because it was was my birthday after all. Puerto Princesa seemed the ideal place to go to because it was just an hour away by plane and it wasn't as crowded as Boracay and Cebu. All I really wanted to do was relax. I booked our stay at Canvas Boutique Hotel. I prefer boutique hotels over normal/chain hotels. As much as normal hotels feel more luxurious, they all look the same after a while. Boutique hotels are more quirky and fun. 

At Canvas Boutique Hotel, every floor has its own story. The first floor is called the Underworld. Once you reach the second floor, you will dive Under The Sea where you will meet all sorts of water creatures. Trek up to the third floor to find Land and if you want to go even further, reach for the Sky and Mountain at the fourth floor.

 Our Deluxe room good for four

This was originally our first room at the 4th floor but we transferred to the 3rd floor to be nearer the wifi. #MillennialProblems

Our room at the 3rd floor

Taking a dip at the pool 

Breakfast is served

The bed is so comfy. It won't let me get out.

Girl time by the pool

The staff surprised me with a cake while I was having breakfast.

Don't forget to pay a visit to their restaurant called The Painted Table at the lobby for scrumptious food! 

Canvas Boutique Hotel
Address: Puerto Princesa North Road, Barangay San Miguel, Palawan

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