Firsts at Hong Kong

My trip to Hong Kong last March was very memorable because (1) it was my first out of the country trip without my family (2) it my first out of country trip with Toby.

Hong Kong is always a great place to come back to because it's such a tourist friendly country. The food is good, everyone can speak English, there are tons of cheap hotels, and commuting is easy. Another reason why we decided to book our first out of the country trip together here is because Hong Kong holds a special place in my boyfriend's heart. He took his internship there two years ago and he constantly talks about his experience. He's been wanting to take me around to the places he went to. I've already been to Hong Kong a couple of times with my family but we did the normal touristy things. This time, Toby wanted to make me feel what's it like to live like a local.

For our first day (more like night) in Hong Kong, our flight was originally at 3 pm. However, it got delayed twice and we ended up leaving Manila around 8 pm already. Thanks to Air Asia. As soon as we got to Hong Kong, we checked in our luggage at the hotel and went straight to Lan Kwai Fong. (I shared my experience in my previous post here.)

The next morning, our stomachs were grumbling and ready to stuff ourselves with as much Chinese food possible. I did my research and made an extensive list of restaurants we to try. At the top of my list, Lin Yeung


My first time to try Yum Cha or Chinese style brunch where you eat dim sum and drink tea

Hong Kong is divided into three parts: Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories. The latter is the residential and provincial area. For our second day, we toured the Hong Kong side. One of the most famous places to go here was the Victoria Peak

Despite how cold the weather was, I still felt the need to get a cone of ice cream.


The cheesiest thing I've ever done. We wrote a note and hung it at the peak.

My turn to take your photos!

Wan Chai is full of hipster coffee shops 

My first time to try egg waffles

My first time to eat at Michelin star restaurant Din Tai Fung

For our third day, we discovered more about Kowloon. Of course, we had to go visit the Big Buddha. It takes half the day to go around so make sure to allocate enough time so you don't miss anything.

The Big Buddha himself 

Harbour Bay

Shopping time at Mongkok

Another Michellin star restaurant, One Dimsum

Ended the night at the Ritz-Carlton

For our last day, our flight was at 5 pm. We had lunch (again) at Toby's favorite restaurant, Turkish House, then squeezed in some last minute shopping. If you wanna see more of how our trip went, watch my most recent vlog entry. Enjoy!

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