Wink Laser Studio

Laser therapy--- Is it worth it? 

Yes for me! I'm all for convenience. I hate having to go to the waxing parlor at least twice month. There were times in the past that I'd be too busy to go so I had no choice but to wear t-shirts and long sleeves to avoid showing my underarms even if I love wearing sleeveless and tube tops. I decided it was time to try laser therapy for permanent hair removal. Wink Laser Studio offers three types of services--- Gentle Max, Diode or Revlite. You need to consult with a therapist first to find out which treatment best suits you. I decided to try Gentle Max Pro for underarms because it's significantly faster compared to the other treatments. Since I'm always in a hurry and on-the-go, I prefer whichever saves me the most time. Each treatment only lasts 20 minutes. (It's just like taking a shower!) However, it is a little more painful than other treatments but nothing you can't handle. I've already started to see significantly less hair just after three sessions. Each sessions costs P2500 but if you avail of their package it's just for P16000 for eight sessions. You save P4000!

As soon as you enter, you will be greeted by their friendly therapists. 

My therapist is Ivee and I love her! I always ask for her whenever I'm there. 

Toby patiently waiting for me 

Wink Laser Studio 
3rd level, C2 Building, 6th Ave cor. 28th St, Taguig
Contact Number: (02) 808 7258


  1. hi kally,

    just want to seek help lang kasi we have beach trips this coming september. if you were to choose which is better ? bikini or brazilian waxing? i want to try kasi its going to be my first time.
    hope to hear from you.


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    Home/Personal Machines (ex. Tria 4X, Silk’n, Philips Lumea, etc.) – Very Low Laser Power (around 5 to 100 Watts) and Heat Intensity (ex. 1 Joule/cm2 to 25 Joules/cm2) so Low Laser Effectivity in Burning/Killing Hair Papilla (Hair Root). Laser Power is different from Laser Machine Power Consumption which is Higher Than Laser Power (ex. 30 Watts Laser Machine Power Consumption but only 5 Watts Laser Power). Our machine has 1300 Watts Very High Laser Power and Up To 120 Joules per cm2 Heat Intensity. Hair Regrowth is Much More and More Annual Maintenance Treatments are Needed for Home/Personal Machines Than Bigger High End-Machines. Spot/Pulse Duration/Width (ex. 400 milliseconds, etc.) can only be adjusted in Some High End Machines Like Our Machine. Our Machine is Suitable For All Skin Colors and All Natural Hair Colors Unlike Home/Personal Machines and Most High-End Machines.
    High End Diode Machines – Medium Depth 2.5mm Laser Penetration Only. Do Not Have Shallow Depth 1.5mm Penetration of Alexandrite Laser and Deepest Laser Depth 4mm Penetration of Nd:YAG Laser.
    High End IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Machines – These Machines Have A Very Broad Wavelength Spectrum (ex. 400 nanometers to 1200 nanometers) compared to the 3 Single Wavelengths (755 nanometers, 808 nanometers & 1064 nanometers) of Our Machine That Target The Hair Follicle & Hair Root (Hair Papilla) More Specifically. Chances of Side Effects (ex. Burns, Hyperpigmentation, Hypopigmentation, etc.) are much higher for High End IPL Machines.
    High End SHR (OPT; Optimal Pulse Technology) and Elight Machines – These Machines Have Very Broad Wavelength Spectrums (ex. 700 to 800 nanometers for White/Fair Skin, 800 to 900 nanometers for Yellow/Light Brown Skin & 1000 to 1100 nanometers for Medium Brown/Dark Brown/Black Skin, etc.) compared to the 3 Single Wavelengths (755 nanometers, 808 nanometers & 1064 nanometer) of Our Machine That Target The Hair Follicle & Hair Root (Hair Papilla) More Specifically Reducing The Chances of Side Effects (ex. Burns, Hyperpigmentation, Hypopigmentation, etc.). SHR Is Super Hair Removal. We are referring to SHR (OPT; Optimal Pulse Technology) and Elight Machines Here and Not SHR for Diode or 3 Wavelength Machines.
    Other 3 Wavelength Machines – Most Other 3 Wavelength Machines Have Around 300 to 1200 Watts Laser Power. Our Machine Has 1300 Watts Laser Power (See 1 Above) Making Our Machine More Effective.