Beauty Addict Season 3

Every year, Rustan's holds its annual Beauty Addict where beauty and lights, nail art and neons, makeovers and music, games and glamour, makeup and mirrors wonderfully meld as the entire Rustan's Beauty Source complex is transformed. This year's theme: Jem and the Holograms, an iconic '80s TV series

What made this event close to my heart is that it's my first big work event. I've only been working for Rustan's for two months and a chunk of it, I've spent preparing for Beauty Addict. It has been like a baby to me watching it grow and last October 28, all the pieces came together and it turned out better than expected. It's such a rewarding feeling to know that your hard work paid off. 

Each counter has its own activity. If you join, you get the chance to win a prize! Trust me, all the prizes are worth it. 

MAC did everyone's neon make up

Estee Lauder's counter activity was colouring!

Aside from games, we had live performances by Nix and Jess Connelly

Addie, Monica and Bea

My outfit is a custom piece by Noelle Maxine Lee of NML designs 

With my partner and boss, Alex

Poveda friends came to support 

With my friend/co-worker Anika and Renzo

Thank you to each and everyone of you who came to support #RustansBeautyAddict! 

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  1. This event is very exclusjve no? by invitation only and for those beauty addict card holder.