See Through Floral Top

The words "sheer" or "see through" sound scandalous ala Moulin Rouge meets Burlesque. Especially here in the Philippines, where people are more conservative and traditional. If our grandparents could have their way, men would still be wearing Barong Tagalogs and women would be in Maria Clara dresses. Can you imagine that with this heat? It's a good thing that we've slowly adopted to the way the Western culture dresses. Though I don't think it'll ever be acceptable to be caught wearing this in church or the office, this top from Zalora stole my heart. Yes, you can see my brassiere but in a sophisticated way. Or what I'd like to call as the high fashion way. Even my favorite blogger in the whole wide world, Aimee Song, wore something similar in her blog post here. It's gonna be all the trend soon!



Charles Rudolfo Photography
Zalora Outfit

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