#JumpingKuapao Turns One

As much as possible, I refrain from revealing too much about my personal life especially with regards to my relationship with Toby BUT I will make this one exception because it's not everyday I get to celebrate something as joyous as this. Last August 26 marked the first year of us being together. We both wanted to do surprise one another but we were scared that our plans would overlap so we compromised. I planned our day for the 25th ("Our Salubong") while Toby took care of the 26th.  Yes, it was a two part celebration that I never wanted to end!

We went down South to check out Azumi Boutique Hotel

After swimming, we had dinner overlooking the city at The Nest in Vivere Hotel

We counted down until midnight with a bottle of rose to cap off  the night

I woke up pleasantly surprised by this huge bouquet of flowers. It was almost bigger than me!

Toby brought me to Lartizan for afternoon tea because he knows I've been wanting to go. Tea time reminds me of royalty and of course, Toby knew how to make me feel  like a princess.

I had mixed feelings about Toby's next surprise which was the flying trapeze. I wouldn't consider myself as the adventurous type. This was definitely out of my comfort zone. When I went up the stairs, I chickened out and went back down. I let the nerves die down a little and went back up and did it. It wasn't as bad as I thought but I don't think I  can do it again.  Toby, on the otherhand, was such a pro. He looked like a gazelle swinging from rope to rope with no trouble at all.

We suited up for our anniversary dinner at Le Jardin. It's a French restaurant located in BGC. I can't remember the last time I had food this good. My mouth is watering now just by thinking about their foie gras. 

Scrambled egg with truffle

Foie gras three ways 

The best date anyone could ask for

My main dish: Tuna steak in pepper sauce with truffle oil topped with foie gras

Toby's main: Beef cheek with foie gras

It was a happy anniversary indeed!

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