Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimp House

I love food. I mean, who doesn't right? It is true that it's every girl's dream to eat as much as she wants without getting fat. Sadly, that's highly unlikely which is why I put myself on diet. It's not one of those crazy starve yourself diets. It's just choosing the healthier option and skipping the unnecessary calories a.k.a junk food. At Johnny Kuhuku's food tasting last September 2, 2015, I said bye to my diet because the food was just too good to miss out on. Johnny Kahuku is a Hawaiian shrimp house but it it infused with other Asian flavors. You'll find sashimi, takoyaki, kung pao, bibimbap and many more on their menu. Not exactly what you except when you hear the word Hawaiian but it'll definitely tickle your taste buds. It's ideal for people who can eat a lot or for families because their servings are big and filling especially if you order their shrimp truck which is a combination of three dishes with rice. We barely could finish the food served to us even if we wanted to eat some more. I left with a happy tummy!

Our appetizers. I loved all that I don't think I can just pick one as my favorite. You should try the poke! It really reminds me of Hawaii. 

Fiesta Paella 

Kalbi ribs 

Main courses 

Huli-Huli Shrimp Truck

All Their shrimp trucks are good for 2-3 people. They have different combinations. My favorite is the Island Pride Shrimp Truck because it had crab fat sauce. 

Fruit cocktail for dessert 

With Johnny Kahuku's marketing manager Bea Policarpio and beauty blogger Maxine Marcelino 

Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimp House
2nd Floor Resorts World, Newport Manila

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