Early Bird Breakfast Club

 Are you part of the Early Bird Breakfast Club?
I wasn't a morning person back when I was still in school. If my class was at 7:30 am, I would wake up at 6:45 am. I would just shower and leave. Skipping breakfast gave me at least an extra 20 minutes of sleep. If I was hungry, I would just grab a banana before leaving. Now, breakfast is essential during my morning routine. My day is ruined if I am not able to start my day with breakfast. For some people, breakfast food like bacon, eggs, french toast, etc. should be only eaten for breakfast. I strongly disagree. I can eat breakfast food any time of the day. I get really annoyed when I see on the menu of a restaurant that breakfast is only served from 7 am to 10 am. Thankfully, Early Bird Breakfast Club, values breakfast as much as I do and serves it all day long!

Early Bird Breakfast Club
Ground Floor, Fort Point 2 Building, The Fort Strip
28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
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