Her Belle's Acne No More Bubble Mask

I'm no beauty blogger. I only know the basics when it comes to facial care. I never listened to my mom when she told me to take good care of my skin but now as I get older, I'm starting to see the effects of being constantly under the sun and my poor daily face regimen. I've been looking for a good skin product to solve my problem. I went to Cinderella last week and found Her Beauty's Acne No More Bubble Mask. It's good for those with big pores and with oily skin. In just one wash, I saw a layer of dead skin peel off. Even my boyfriend tried it! Click here to see the full list of their products.

Here's how to apply it step-by-step: 

1. Wash your face with facial wash and dry your face with a towel. #nomakeup 

2. Shake the bottle and apply a generous amount of Her Belle's Acne No Bubble Mask on your hand. Apply on your face while firmly massaging. 

3. Wash facial mask off while warm water.

See the difference for yourself! Cinderella has an on going promo now that when you shop two regular items from Cinderella Teens, Cinderella Women & Seventeen, you will have the chance to pick a treat from your favorite ladies pampering brands. Cinderella has branches in Shangri-La, SM Makati and Glorietta 3. 

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