5 Misconceptions About Fashion Blogging

1. Anyone can be a blogger

Of course anyone is free to blog. There are those who blog privately (just for themselves to see) and there are those like me who blog publicly. When I say it's not for just anyone, it's because it's not as easy as everyone thinks. I don't have any professional help. I do everything on my own. Not everyone has an idea of what goes behind each blog post. Here's a run down of each step: First, I choose an outfit from my closet. Second, I look for someone who's free to take my photos. Third, I find a location to shoot. Next, I pose for at least 50 pictures. Then, I choose the best 10 and edit them one by one on Photoshop. Finally, I think of a good topic to write about and share it on social media.

2. Photos are more important than the content

Blogging originally started as a pure form of writing. However, it got tedious to read long articles. In order to keep people interested, writers started to add relevant photos. As blogging evolved, people started to care more about photos than the content of the blog entry. A good blogger is not only one who can take good pictures but one who also is able to keep readers on the hook.

3. Bloggers are always overdressed

No, I do not wear full on make-up with falsies and heels on an everyday basis. At least once a week, I make it a point to keep my face clean to let my skin breathe. If you see me in the mall, I'm always just in a jacket and flats. The only times I wear heels is for events or if I'm taking photos for my blog. Even when I am in heels, I keep a pair of sandals in the car or in my bag just in case my feet start to hurt.

4. Blogging is not a real profession

Blogging is more than just a hobby. Bloggers all around the world earn millions simply by blogging. It has become an empire because it opens so many opportunities. People who started out as a blogging now have endorsements, TV appearances, magazine features, and their own business or store.

5. Bloggers are vain/ self-centered

I honestly don't take selfies. If you look at my camera roll, I think I only have five selfies and the only times I take one is when I like how my make-up looks. I hardly take photos of myself that aren't my blog. Being in front of the camera all the time can get frustrating. It doesn't just take one click to take the perfect photo. Sometimes it takes more than a hundred tries but there are just some off days when you simply don't look your best.

Top: The Penthouse
Skirt: Pink Manila
Heels: SM Parisan
Necklace: Quirky Pedia
Bag: H&M

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