On Friends

Every now and then, I tend to stray away from talking about fashion and give my two cents' worth on a few things. (I'm random like that!) Today's topic is on friends. Back in kindergarten, it was a competition on who had the most friends. Our teachers would push us to make as many friends as possible. You were only cool if you had more friends than you could count. As you get older, the number of friends you have only matter on social media. My mom always used to say, "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." The people you surround yourself with are the ones that matter because they're the ones that influence you. You need to choose carefully those who you let stay in your life and filter out the toxic ones out. Not everyone you lose is a lost especially if that person brings nothing but negativity. All you really need is a close-knit group of friends who you know you can trust until the very end.

Photos by: Ira Gorgetti
Top: Tim and Franc
Skirt: Pink Manila
Shoes: Forever 21

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