Who Takes Your Photos?

Behind every blogger is an amazing support system. It's not easy to do what we do alone. We don't have a photographer with us every where we go. (Unless of course, you're already one of the big names like Olivia Palermo) Our success relies on the person behind the camera lens.

Toby The boyfriend He takes most of my photos since I'm with him the most. He already masters my angle and how I like my photos with a lot of light coming in.

Family My little brother is just 12 years old but he takes the best photos among all of us in the family. he has an eye for photography. My dad is also somewhat of a photography enthusiast. He's the one who first taught me how to play with the settings of my camera. Every now and then, when both my brother and dad are tired of taking my photos, I ask my mom. My mom doesn't have the sharpest eyes already but she's still patient enough to put up with me posing for hours.

Isabel The Maid She's still a newbie even if she's been doing it for me for almost two years now. Every time I bug her to take my photos she always says, "Ayoko nga di ako marunong!" In English, "I don't want to, I don't know how!"

Friends It's really hassle to bring around a camera when I see my friends. I usually leave it in the car or at home. There are some instances when I text my friend asking if she's free to shoot around. None of us are pros but it's a fun bonding experience.

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